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Healthy Meal Planning Software Launched!

Healthy Meal Planning is the core of our Meal Planner which is focused on making meals for the day healthy based on vitamins, minerals and nutrients. We are committed to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle through various tools, tips, tricks and techniques making healthy meal planning easier for everyone.

Here is a short list of our goals:

  • Provide you a Simple Meal Planning Tool
  • Automate the Meal Planning Tool for Daily Healthy Meals
  • Healthy should not be based on Calories alone but focus on the Comprehensive Healthy Factors
  • Make the Meal Planning Tool available on the Mobile Phone as an app
  • Make Shopping List easy based on the healthy meal planning
  • Make Planning Flexible - You can plan for a day or a week or the whole month
  • Meal Planning should be based on the Nutritional Value of the Foods

Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy

When it comes to meal planning, we wanted to make it fit for dummies, nutritionists, health care professionals, beginners, couples, families, busy moms and everyone who ever dream of eating clean food for a healthy lifestyle. Because at Healthy Lifestyle Meals, we eat healthy, we breath healthy and we talk healthy!

While developing the software app for healthy meal planning, we talked to a large variety of people such as singles, new moms, families, health enthusiasts, college students, vegans, bodybuilding folks and seniors. We asked them only following 3 questions:

How do you plan for your meals for the day or for the week?

The overwhelming answer was whatever it comes to mind that day. Even if there is any planning done, it is more towards what do I like or what my kids like or what my partner likes.

Many moms answered that they are more driven by the kid’s choices.

Would you like to use a simple meal planning tool if it makes your meals healthy?

Almost every single person answered a big ‘YES’. The biggest concern for them was that they have not seen any tool which makes the meal healthy for everyone.

Their suggestion was that meals should be balanced for vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients as this will help body develop a better immune system. This may also help with more efficient body functions leading to better health.

If such an app or Software tool is developed, what should be kept in mind?

The answers were very interesting.

  • App should be easy to learn
  • Planning should be kept simple without sacrificing the balancing of nutrients
  • Turn planning into a shopping list
  • Update daily actual meals information to Software through voice journaling

Discover Healthy Lifestyle Meals App

Imagine if you could use a personalized Nutritionist who is there helping you at each step and telling you what to do to balance your daily meals.

This is what we have achieved through Healthy Lifestyle Meals Software app which is based on the traffic light system.

When you start the meal planning process, you capture your individual information like your age, weight, height, your lifestyle such as active, highly active etc and you share your goal if you want to lose weight or gain weight or maintain it or something else.

Based on all of the above information, Software decides the calories you should be taking daily including other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein.

Now system knows what is healthy and balanced meal for you. When you start planning your meals, you have a choice to select out of thousands of meals so you keep getting ideas all the time.

Once you finalize the meal based on the green lights you get from the system, you know it is healthy for you. You can use your mobile phone to keep accessing the meal plan so that you prepare the right meals every day for every family member.

We have not only met all the suggestions provided to us by the survey participants, but also kept the Software cost very low. It is free for the First 30 days so that you can try it and thereafter only you will be paying for every month.

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We will be sharing  a lot in the coming days!

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