This website is initiated by Healthy Lifestyle Academy with a mission of helping people achieve better health through healthy meals.

The Beginning of Healthy Lifestyle Meals

Our founder Jay Author believes that we are what we eat. Food basically dictates our health. Every cell in our body is created based on the type of food we eat. In order to take this concept further, Jay shared an exciting concept that by combining right type of foods, right type of herbs, right type of exercises along with right type of mindset and attitude, you can define your health.

In order to plan healthy meals for anyone, Healthy Lifestyle Meals was started.

The Mission of Healthy Lifestyle Meals

The Mission of Healthy Lifestyle Meals is as follow:

  • Provide well researched information related to various foods
  • Provide this information in an easy to follow way which can be used by anyone
  • Provide information through membership areas which must be dedicated to meal planning
  • Provide information for education purpose only as each individual is unique and they should consult with their doctor to see what foods are best suited to them
  • The ultimate goal is to empower users with the right information so that they can ask right questions and they can decide what's right for them

The Core Values of Healthy Lifestyle Meals

The Core Values of Healthy Lifestyle Meals are as follow:

  • Create top quality info products on various foods
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Provide excellent value and competitive prices in the marketplace
  • High ethical standards, integrity and fairness in all our dealings with suppliers, customers, and employees

Why Healthy Lifestyle Meals?

At Healthy Lifestyle Meals, you come first to us.

Excellence is our standard. And we pursue it with enthusiasm!

If we make any mistake, we will work with you to resolve your problems and we’ll do everything possible within reason to make it right.

Our success is measured by yours. If we ever fall short of your expectations, please give us an opportunity to solve the problem. We’ll work with you, period.

At Healthy Lifestyle Meals, you are covered by our 30 day No Questions Asked Guarantee. So, start your healthy lifestyle confidently with Healthy Lifestyle Meals.

Our Support Team

If you need any help from us, you can contact us at the following or by clicking here to reach us through our Support Desk:

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